Filter for relevancy in

Business Benefits

Prioritize talking to the most relevant people for your business by removing irrelevant contacts and companies in bulk.

Add a Row Filter step to remove less relevant content using specific words in the title and description with either inclusive or exclusive filters.

  • Use Inclusive - Row Filter to keep articles that contain “X” OR “Y” OR “Z” (keep this as long as they have at least one of these words)
  • Use Exclusive - Row Filter to keep articles that do not contain “A” AND “B” AND “C” (remove all articles that contain any of these words). For example: Title “does not contain” assistant AND intern (Remove assistants and interns); Domain “does not contain” .edu AND .gov (Remove .edu and .gov); Title “contains” CEO OR Chief Executive (Keep CEOs).
  • Alternatively, use Filter by Zapier if using Zapier instead of Parabola. Use Zapier for sharing one piece of information between apps, such as when someone submits a form, you verify their email, filter to make sure it’s a good email, and send the results to your CRM.
  • Use if you’re working with entire spreadsheets, such as verifying bulk emails and removing bad emails thousands at a time.

Use a Find and Replace step in to clean column data.


  • Days of the week from the title.
  • Numbers 1-10 from the title.
  • Months and the year from the title.
  • Things like “Dr.” “MD.” and “Mr.” from name fields.
  • Suffixes like “LLC,” “Corp” and “LTD” from company names.
  • Random commas and periods from names and companies.

Use a Text Casing step to make set names and companies to title case for clarity.

For example, turns PATRICK into Patrick.