Feedback On My Experience

Hello @hesh_fekry @tania. Happy to be here.

I’m currently going through the technical content marketing minidegree and it’s very insightful and I’m learning a lot.

The only issue I want to highlight is the bulky nature of the course. I find some concepts repeated across lessons by the same instructor which adds up to time. Apart from that, it’s totally great.

About jobs, I got a connection recently which wasn’t a perfect fit because in addition to content marketing, they were looking for digital marketing skills and CRO.

I’ll love more jobs around core content marketing requirements (strategy, research, understanding of SEO, writing).

Thanks so much for everything :pray:.


Thank you @kobiruootebele for the feedback.

I’ll cc @Rene to check your match and find you something more suitable.

I will also talk with @Nikki our course production manager about the lesson and their bulky nature. She has many great ideas on this already.

Whilst watching the content did you feel there was a logical way to split up the lessons further? or was your issue mainly about the repetition only?


Nothing for now to add about splitting up the lessons further, the issue I’ve got is repetition. Looking forward to the new ideas by the course production manager.

Also, thanks for the prompt response always. It’s great.


Thanks for sharing feedback, and if I receive more relevant opportunities, I will contact you immediately. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Rene .

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Hello! In my short time at CXL I have done my best to optimize all current and future courses that we produce but unfortunately I have yet to get through all of the previously produced courses to see where we can do the same. I truly appreciate this feedback and will make this mini degree the next on my list of mini degrees to audit for these exact issues. Feel free to email me directly at to share specific instances where you see the repetition happening so I can create a plan of action. Thanks again for your helpful insight and patience with us as we continue to make improvements that enrich your learning process here at CXL.


@kobiruootebele the technical marketing MD is around 18 months old now, so indeed there maybe some issues and we will get to them. Myself and Nikki are currently focusing on refreshing the CRO mini.

Let us know when you finish this MD, maybe we can share some of the newer courses @Nikki has been working on and you can see the quality jumps there. Really good stuff.


Sure, I’ll be open to that.

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Okay, I appreciate this. As I proceed in the course, I’ll take notes and share with you.