Fast Social Growth wanted by CEO(LinkedIn & Twitter): Tips are very welcomed!

Hi everyone! I am currently talking to multiple startups and am on the verge of accepting one of their job offers, but the project I really want to work with has no social media channels set-up yet and the CEO wants to see a big following, fast, on both Twitter and LinkedIn(although focus will be primarily on LinkedIn).

Do you have any growth hacking tips or tricks that could give me a headstart? I am not that experienced when it comes to growing a following base from 0 with such a short timeline(talking about 1-2 months).

I would really appreciate your suggestions and tips! Thank you in advance!

Last edited by 2023-05-18T09:35:36Z There are a ton of playbooks on this topic.

You can use the search function here to find details on each step if you want. If you get stuck let us know.

When you look at most social media wisdom, it essentially boils down to a handful of main points:

  • Write good content.
  • Write interesting headlines.
  • Use compelling photos to enhance shareability.
  • Post frequently.

These are good recommendations, but newspapers and magazines have been using these same tactics for decades - and now they’re declining rapidly. So that’s not all of the answer.

What you put out doesn’t matter if the right people don’t see it

You can have the best, most compelling content around, and if your audience isn’t correct, it’s probably going to flop. To improve your effectiveness on social media, you need to increase the number of your followers - and do it strategically.

If you’re selling hearing aids to people over 50, there’s no point growing your followers in the 20-30 age range… unless your new marketing campaign is aimed at their adult children.

Paid or organic follower increase

There are two basic options for follower campaigns. You can aim for organic growth, where existing followers engage with or share your content so that their followers see and potentially choose to follow you. Or you can aim for paid growth, where you reach out to new audiences through targeted advertising and encourage them to follow you. Organic works best when your followers are solidly in your target market; if your followers are more diverse, you might need a strategy that relies heavily on paid advertising instead.


1. Build customer personas that match your target audiences, so you know who you’re trying to attract.

2. Pick social media channels to focus on, based on the platforms that your target audience frequent.

3. Optimize your social media profiles and content. Gain verification for your brand page, fill out your profile, and audit your content.

4. Brainstorm ideas for your social media content with your team and use research to find out what your target audience cares about.

5. Put together a content calendar that references your broader digital marketing strategy, including podcasts, blogs, and email.

6. Produce content that’s interesting, useful, or entertaining to your target audience.

7. Set up a social media listening tool. Actively respond to comments on your posts and mentions of your brand.

8. Use advertising to promote social media posts that are most likely to appeal to your target audience.