Facebook Ads for E-commerce Lesson 5 Case Study 1. Question About Audiences

In the first case study lesson about the large female retailer, Susan explains the idea of pre-emptying holiday costs by creating a lead gen campaign before the holidays. All good so far, however…

What is unclear to me is the first part of the strategy, where she uploaded the customer list.

Did she upload a customer list to create lookalike audiences?

Because if not, what is the point of running ads to our customers in the first place if we can easily create an email campaign, run it to our email list, and build a VIP segment based on clicks, bypassing the need to run ads at all?

Thank you for any insights on this.

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Good question @freelancewriternl going to ask @Nikki and Susan to see if we can get you an answer.

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@freelancewriternl – My thinking would be that I, as a consumer, often miss emails from retailers. I get a lot of them, because I’m a sucker for small retailers with weird and interesting products that I might only buy a couple of times a year. Gmail filters most of them into an Advertising folder, and further into product categories. Which is… handy when I want to buy something specific. Not so handy when a retailer is trying to reach out and get my attention for something special.

On the other hand, a well-placed social media ad with this sort of targeting often does grab my attention. I’m not ignoring them because I hate them; I’m just busy and emails can get laborious. Chuck out a social media ad to remind me that you exist and you have a special offer for me, and I’ll probably click through if it’s at all interesting to me.

This way customers know:

  • There are special deals coming up.
  • They can get early access.
  • They just need to keep an eye out for a specific set of emails.

I know this strategy works on me if I like the product enough. :laughing:


@naomi_kramer Thank you for sharing your insights. That’s definitely a very interesting perspective that I haven’t really considered.


@freelancewriternl When I want to warm an audience, I usually run a reach campaign for the list setting a higher frequency.

In some tests, this strategy increased the email open and click rate.
Considering multi-channel attribution, the audience’s conversion rate was increased too.