Extract conversion insights from GA

Business Benefits

Increase conversion, bounce rate, and user engagement.

Create four segments in your GA Buyer Persona report to examine the groups’ purchase rates, page flows, and devices used.

The segments are:

  • Individuals who visit more pages and spend longer than average on the site.
  • Individuals who visit few pages but stay on the site for longer than average.
  • Individuals who access a high volume of pages in a short timeframe.
  • Individuals who visit few pages and spend less than average time on the site.

Measure your site performance by monitoring page load times using the Behavior reports, by selecting Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timing > DOM Timings.

Specifically look at these three metrics: Avg. Document Interactive Time, Avg. Document Content Load Time, and Avg. Page Load Time, to better understand your site.

Create a Suck Index report by ranking each page using the formula.(Pageviews x aAvg. Document Interactive Time).

By focusing on the three behavioral metrics above, and using the Suck Index, you are able to see which pages are slowest or most used.

Combine Flow reports with custom segments to better understand your site path analytics.

Segments should include: Visitor flow, Behavior flow, Goal flow, and Event flow.

Use Site Search trends to determine if your site is missing critical pieces of content.

People who search for content or items on your site are more likely to consume that content or purchase a product, if they can find it on Page 1 of their results.

Make a custom site search report that includes the Start Page, Exit Page, and Conversion Goal.

Use GA’s built-in content grouping features to aggregate user-journey reporting more efficiently.

This can help show you what people are doing on your sites, for example, you can apply Group pages by: Page Type to a Navigation Summary report for your product pages.