Event Marketing KPIs

Is this my best option for presenting some basic KPIs to a partnering vendor? I don’t know that they need to have our business KPIs for example. What are the most important KPIs for an in person event and a webinar?

I have seen the playbook below, but I’m wondering if it isn’t overkill for 2 events?

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Hi @wlaschmidt, adding my 2 cents here. This blog addresses some important KIPs for events - 7 Crucial KPIs to Measure Your Event Success

@wlaschmidt i do think its probably overkill as that playbook doesnt seem to apply to events.

Perhaps these playbooks could help.

I would like to ask you what the ultimate goal for the events are? Is it to drive revenue? Awareness? Network building? Etc

Then we can be perhaps more specific.

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Those were all great resources! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

The main goal is to generate awareness. We will be having a pre-event webinar on a related topic.

Any thoughts about post event follow up?

Hi Wayne,

It is great that you are creating a pre-event webinar. If you have enough attendees to the webinar, you could consider using the webinar attendee list to create a custom audience for use in Facebook ads or whichever Ad Platform makes sense based on your desired audience.

This would ideally take the audience from your webinar and hit them with some ads to keep your live event top of mind for the time between your webinar & your live event.

You would definitely want to collect information from people at your live event, as well. There are tools out there that can help you collect data from people at live events and send it where necessary ( ie to Salesforce, Hubspot, etc for continued nurturing).

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Thanks @camille

@wlaschmidt after CXL live we sent out a feedback survey which is about as standard as you can go. However the follow up from that was a bit more specific. People who chose not to be anonymous received some 1:1 communication about certain topics, which was a bit more open-ended in nature and personal.

CXL live was a smaller event. So may not work for hundreds and hundreds / thousands of people. Segmenting perhaps.

We also ran some retention and promotion campaigns for both CXL live and the courses. For example you could sign up to the next event already at a much reduced rate or bundled together with a subscription etc.

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