Engage users on your website



Business Benefits

Engage website users by providing spaces for comments, sharing, and referral, while strategically creating content to maintain interest.

Use a CRM to develop strategies for your website with customer likes, dislikes, and interests.

Ask for customer feedback, then maintain a constant review process to improve your features and services.

  • Ask for suggestions using a specified Suggestions box, or include a customer feedback form.

Write a blog, then use Google Analytics to study the bounce rate on what content is most successful with your audience.

Use an SEO tool to produce content tailored to the preferences of your audience.

  • For example, user analytics such as keyword search can help you design blog post titles or create video content.

Use an email subscriber list to collect client emails, and send regular blogs, newsletters, promotions, and product or feature reminders.

Add social media share buttons and a visitor comment or discussion section to product, feature, and blogpost pages.

  • Commenting and sharing drives both engagement and traffic to the website.

Create a customer advocacy program to reward customers for leaving reviews and comments, or sharing and referring.

  • A net promoter score management tool can help you identify the people who will make the most impact, and be the best customer advocates.

Use share buttons, plugins, and backlinks on all of your social media platforms to introduce your website to new users.

Use question-answer websites to engage with users asking questions, explore user experiences and reviews, and build credibility.

  • Sites like Quora, Reddit, or TripAdvisor can also help you to generate referral traffic.