Encourage employees to use company knowledge

Business Benefits

Create engaged and active employees who are empowered to learn and grow.

Publish and store internal knowledge across several mediums and adapt it for mobile devices.

Content that’s easily accessible on mobile devices ensures employees have access to the information whenever they need it.

Use intra-company memos to share email chains, Slack threads, niche websites, or bookmarks that contain important company knowledge.

Emphasizing that knowledge isn’t always technical or dry can encourage employees to become more engaged.

Use methods like training scenarios and breakout groups to encourage participation and motivate employees to refer to company knowledge.

Host group activities like weekly lunch-and-learns for employees to share company knowledge.

Gamify learning and reward employees for participation in knowledge retention activities, like weekly trivia.

Ask new and long-term employees to contribute to the knowledge base.

Younger employees may have unique perspectives on what new employees need to know. Long-term employees can provide historical context.

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