eCommerce Survey Timing / Questions / Concerns

Dear All,

I need your guidance!

I’m looking to setup my first online survey for eCommerce clients and am struggling to activate it (I have my own FUDs :sweat_smile:). If someone can share their experiences on the questions below I will really appreciate it.

The primary question I want to gain insights on 1 - why are people bouncing from carts and 2 - what compels people to complete the cart.

My own FUDs

Fear - I’m fearful that a survey will result in a bounce as it could be a distraction due to friction in the path-to-purchase process.

Uncertainties - I’m uncertain on when to trigger the survey - I have no clue whether to make it time based, page based? Specially for bounce - how can pre-empt a bounce and throw in a quick survey.

Doubts - I have many doubts on the questions I to ask. What is a best practice? And what is an ideal number of questions.

What has worked for you? Would love to hear your insights.

And any resources that are prescriptive (clear good best practice questions to ask) rather than generic would be most helpful.

For context it’s eCommerce for a frozen food player and I will be using mouseflow for the o one question.

Thank you :pray:

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Hi Adnan,

Thank you for your question. Here are some resources that may help with your FUDs.

More can be found on CXL blog.

Hey Adnan,

I’d imagine FUDs on online surveys are pretty common! :smile: I’m hoping an expert like @alex_birkett or @emma can chime in here.

If you’re worried about distracting people from the purchase, perhaps start with putting the survey after the purchase, on the thank-you page?

When it comes to questions; see if this is useful: Write good survey questions. It has some concrete examples of questions to ask at specific stages.

Pre-empting bounces: My thought would be to dig into your analytics and see how long people generally wait on a page before bouncing, and set your survey timing a little lower than the median.

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Thank you @sakib and @naomi_kramer for you responses. Really nice on the abandoned carts.

@naomi_kramer surely the insights and confidence I needed. Super helpful and very actionable.

I will await if some others also respond and until then I will start the prep work. Hopefully also report back.

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@adnan Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it goes.