Earn clicks and conversions on Twitter



Business Benefits

Improve your Twitter conversion optimization strategy.

Fill in as much information as you can in your profile.

  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Use tools like Snappa to create and upload eye-catching header images.
  • Fill in your full name.
  • Add a Twitter bio.
  • Add a link to your website with an appropriate call-to-action.

Interact with other Twitter users daily to keep your account active and looking established.

Participate in industry-related Twitter chats. Use question search, smiley search, aggregator sites like Viral Content Bee, and tools like TweetDeck and Tweet Alerts, to monitor Tweeted questions you can contribute to.

Create and manage a Twitter list of influencers who interact with you.

Create a Twitter-friendly conversion funnel that warms up traffic first, instead of immediately marketing your primary product.

Offer something your customers can get immediate value from without having to pay a lot of money or go through a long registration process. Depending on your business model and products you offer, this could involve:

  • Creating a free whitepaper or cheat sheet.
  • Giving away a freebie like a free chapter from a book you’re selling or a t-shirt.
  • Offering a free trial of your software.
  • Creating a video course and inviting your social media users to take it.

Optimize your landing pages for Twitter and use tools like Finteza to track returning visitors, and serve custom offers or calls to action.

When optimizing landing pages for Twitter:

  • Use Twitter cards. These add content-rich thumbnails to tweets that take users to the linked page no matter where they click.
  • Get right to the point. Use a 5-second test to ensure that people don’t have to wonder what your page is about and what they should do there.

Depending on your landing page, you may also want to consider traffic engagement tools like Alter to offer exit-intent pop-ups that engage your users when they’re ready to leave.

Use a tool like MavSocial to schedule 10–20 tweets at a time using different copy.

A few ideas to diversify your copy:

  • Did you know?.. type posts featuring stats or numbers from your research or whitepapers.
  • Use a Download CTA in your tweet to generate engaged traffic.
  • Quote social proof from your landing page and tag any clients or friends who provided testimonials.

Use tools like Buzzsumo to find influencers and reach out to them for feedback, and to help promote your offer.

Create a list of influencers and start by tagging one and requesting feedback on your product, or ask if they’re interested in a free copy, if its downloadable, or access, if it’s a SaaS product. Don’t reach out more than once a week and always tag different people. Keep tweets at influencers short and sweet and point out why you’re reaching out to them specifically.

Use Twitter Analytics to identify your best-performing tweets and recycle them.

Export your tweets to a spreadsheet and sort them to highest engagement rates. Filter for tweets that link to your landing page and recycle them using one or more of these methods:

  • Pin the tweet at the top of your Twitter feed.
  • Comment on your own tweet, tag an influencer and ask them for an opinion, help, or feedback.
  • Retweet your own tweet with a comment.

Use Twitter Ads to increase the reach for your best-performing tweets.

Test different targeting options to find a strategy that works for you. For example:

  • Select a Website clicks or conversions campaign to only pay for clicks to your site.
  • Use Twitter’s Lookalike audience to target previously identified, or engaged influencers and profiles similar to theirs.

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