Don't miss your biweekly course reminders

Hi @CXLTalent Community!

Alejandra here. Making sure you don’t miss out.

This is your bi-weekly reminder to take courses in the MD.

Feel free to ask questions or share any sort of difficulties in the comments :smile:

Hope you’re enjoying everything :100:


Hi Alejandra, What does MD mean?


@terhile This means minidegree.

Anyone in @CXLTalent with a finished minidegree and certificate gets prioritized for any jobs.


Hello @hesh_fekry, I finished my Growth Marketing MD from CXL last month. What can I do to start applying for jobs?


Hey @magdolin.abdelfattah,

That’s awesome. What did you think of the Growth Marketing MD? Any topics you’d like extra resources on? We have tons available, I’m happy to curate resources for you.

Regarding any jobs we have available, go here:

There are currently 2 jobs available. Comment on each job according to the instructions in each post, and we will get your application in, with more jobs on the way.

You and everyone in the Talent program will get reminders every week to make sure you apply for jobs along with notifications whenever a new job is available. If you have any more questions, let me know and I’m happy to answer. :slight_smile: