Difference between Categories vs Tags

Categories are used to organize different areas of marketing topics so you can find relevant instructions easier. Like sections of a newspaper.

Tags are keywords used to summarize topics covered by a playbook or topic. So you can find all posts that talk about a specific tag.

Search using categories and tags

  • Click on any category from the homepage to see all topics in _ category.
  • You can also go to a topic’s category by clicking the left-most label.

  • Search for a specific task or keyword to see relevant tags that come up.
  • You can also click on a tag from a topic to see all _ tagged posts.


Examples how tags and categories work together:

You have a question about ecommerce copywriting.

  • Tag your question topic as: ecommerce and copywriting.
  • Share your post in: the #community section.

Your question about ecommerce copywriting turned into a step-by-step playbook.

  • Playbook topic is tagged as: ecommerce, copywriting, and communityplaybook.
  • Your playbook would be in: the #playbooks:ecommerce sub of the #playbooks category.