Design better behavioral UI

Business benefits

Encourage the emotions and behavior that you want to see from your audience.

Define your brand’s personality and map it on the SPEAR personality system.

  • Seekers: Creative, outgoing, risk-taking.
  • Anchors: Traditional, conservative.
  • Pragmatists: Analytical, competitive.
  • Empaths: Emotional, outgoing.

Refer to this brand personality profile whenever you write new copy or design new pages for your website. Keep your messaging consistent in personality throughout copy, visual design, and ad content.

On product pages, add information that will help readers to build a mental model of your product. List benefits rather than features.

Identify the motivators that you want to focus on in your conversion-oriented copy.

Motivators are:

  • Physiological homeostasis
  • Safety and security
  • Relationships and community
  • Status and self-esteem
  • Sex
  • Love
  • Parenting


Add honest time limits to your offers, display how many items are left once stocks run low, and show real-time updates on other people buying the same product.

Example of a time limit

Use social proofs like testimonials, reviews, and certifications to build a sense of a group environment.

Adding information from other website users and third parties makes website browsing feel less like a solo experience. It can also bring into play elements of peer pressure and support.

Make your:

  • Testimonials: In-depth and authentic, from users representative of your target audience, answering specific questions or pain points your audience might have.
  • Reviews: Located at crucial decision points for your audience, like the product page or a search engine results page where your business appears alongside competitors.

Design your feature and pricing comparison table to highlight a best-value option that you want customers to pick, with a decoy high-cost option.

Make the decoy product significantly more expensive than your desired option, with only slightly better features. For example, if your products are subscriptions with hours of access to a service, make your best-value option’s cost per hour obviously lower than the decoy product’s.

Add trust symbols, offer low-risk payment options like PayPal, give money-back guarantees, and ensure that your offering is appealing enough to be worth the risk.

Reward users for behaviors that you want them to perform, using account credits, thanks, or celebratory messages.

Focus on positive reinforcement – providing a dopamine hit that makes the user feel good about themselves and your product.

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