Design a lead-gen form for your landing page

Business Benefits

Make it clear exactly what the form is asking for, what you will get when you complete it, and what will happen next.

Choose a headline that describes what the form is for.

For example, “Book an appointment with an insurance consultant.”

Ask for the user’s preferred method of communication (email, phone call, or text message).

If they expect you to contact them, this allows them to feel in control of the interaction.

Include an opt-in checkbox if needed and set expectations. For example, “A consultant will get back to you within 24hrs via email/phone”.

Write a CTA that completes the sentence “I want to…”.

Words like “click,” “now,” or “get” are good choices. Never use the word “submit.”

To test the clarity of your CTA, show it to a colleague and ask them what will happen if the form is submitted.

Ask for the information you need, whether that means two form fields or 10.

Many marketers stress over how many form fields to include. The answer is really about how much information you actually need.

There is no point in asking only for an email address if you need to know the size of their company and what software they currently use as a CRM.

Exclude words and phrases with negative implications.

Writing “We will never sell your information to a third party or spam you” beneath the form is a bad idea—it makes users think about spam and having their privacy breached when they previously weren’t. A better choice of language would be “We guarantee 100% privacy.”

Restate the outcome on your confirmation page.

Many confirmation pages say nothing more than “Thank you.” Instead, you should reiterate what is going to happen. For example, “Thank you for requesting a callback with an insurance consultant. We will be in touch via your preferred communication method within 24 hours.”

Ask for something else or offer something else useful to the new prospect on your confirmation page.

For example, give them a free piece of content, which can help to keep them engaged. However, don’t make them fill out another form to get it.

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