Define the value exchange for influencer campaigns

Business benefits

Pick compensation influencers value to empower them to create high performing content that engages your audience and achieves campaign goals.

Discuss with your team the specific influencer relationship you want influencers to have with your brand.

Align with your team on:

  • Where your relationship is with influencers today.
  • Where you want the relationship to be in the future.
  • How to encourage influencers to develop exclusive relationships with your brand.
  • What value you can offer with your goals, campaign objectives, and budget in mind.
Brand gets Influencer gets
Standard Access to a relevant audience
Creative assets
Product feedback from influencer and audience
Audience growth
Pay per post or talent fee
Discounted products
Product samples
Relevant event tickets
Personal Trust
Creative ways to tell the brand story
Product testimonials and recommendations
Early access to new products
Invitations to select events
Access to behind the scenes of the product or brand
Pay for talent fee, travel, and food and beverage expenses
Exclusive Long term commitment
Ownership or a vested interest from the influencer
Project involvement outside a single scope
Behind the scenes access to the influencer
Custom gift boxes
Custom events
Custom merchandise from the brand
Custom stickers or themes for their social channels
Custom products designed with their input
Long term commitment fee

Decide how influencers can experience the best of your products.

Examples include providing early access to products, providing a one-on-one demo of your product for them, or hosting an influencer trip where they get to have hands-on experience with your products.

List the incentives your brand can provide that offer value to influencers, fit your budget and goals, and allow influencers create as freely as possible.

Examples include offering to pay for travel expenses, sending gift baskets, and removing your template-like instructions so that they can create the way they want to. Keep your budget and resources in mind when answering this question.

Create guidelines and processes detailing how your brand effectively co-creates with influencers.

Examples include having a joint planning discussion that invites the influencer to have a seat at the table for ideation or letting them create their own copy and creative, while you just provide limited instructions to ensure the message matches your objectives.

Provide talking points for why an influencer’s audience should care, participate, and share content about your brand, while leaving room for creative freedom.

Consider how letting the influencer be themselves and create freely will generate more engagement. Think of interactive campaign elements, like the influencer offering to post their favorite user-generated content using the specific hashtag onto their own feeds.

Turn how influencers can best experience your products, incentives, and talking points for engagement into specific campaign objectives and terms and conditions.

For example, you may change your plan to pay per post to instead offer a long term commitment fee – or, instead of writing the copy for them, let the influencer leverage their unique voice to better reach their audience.

Confirm your campaign brief makes all aspects of your value exchange clear in the influencer campaign objectives and terms and conditions sections.

If your original campaign objectives do not encourage creative freedom or incentivize the influencer, refine your campaign brief.

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