CXL Workshop is here

Generating new ideas is hard. Let’s workshop it.

Join Community Manager @tania :sparkling_heart: and Head of Product @hesh_fekry :fire: from CXL to learn how to generate ideas for marketing and product growth experiments to help you beat your competitors.

Date TBD.
(10 am EST)

Signup here.

If you can’t make it to this workshop, fill out the form and we will send you the recording afterward.


I can’t fill out the form. Mind sharing another link?


Hey @nittapee,

Welcome to our community, thank you so much for letting me know.

Just fixed the permissions, so it should be working now - please let me know if it isn’t :slight_smile:

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Hi Tania-
I’m unable to attend. Please send the recording link.

Patty Phaneuf


I have registered now. Thanks, Tania.


Hi Tania. I tried asking the question I posted on the Facebook group on to the community page you sent me, but I can’t. For some reason it is not letting me.

I wrote to you on the same Facebook group message to notify you, but I got no answer from you afterwards.

How do I solve this so I can ask?

Thank you.



Hey @jacobogheller,

Welcome welcome. I actually followed up with you twice and was waiting for a response. Directed you here since it likely got lost in FB notifications.

You should have no issues posting your question in Community: Ask your hard questions here - CXL Community

Afterwards, I’ll be able to direct our resources to best help.

If you were trying to post in playbooks, that’s because only writers can publish in those categories.

Let me know if that still does not work :slight_smile:

Wonderful, see you then :slight_smile:

Hey @patty.phaneuf,

Welcome to the community, will add you to that list. Filling out the form so we have additional contact info is a great idea too.

Look forward to it :slight_smile:

Hello,I’ve already signed up, but I am not sure I will be able to attend the workshop. Can you please include me in the recipients list to who you will send the workshop recording?
Thank you!

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Registered! Thank you

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Hi Tania. I’m still having trouble login in. What should I do?

Thank you.

Hey Jacob,

I’ve messaged you privately to confirm some information and get things sorted. :slight_smile:

Hi @tania, Is this still holding?

Great question @terhile, yes it is! We are going to have an internal run of the event to iron out some small details before going live.

If it doesn’t happen before the December holidays, look out in the beginning of January :confetti_ball: