CXL Meta CRO - Why does the big red button say what it does?

Had a wicked conversation with one of the brilliant CXL staff, René, through Intercom and email.

I ended up here through (ironically) a great retweet by Peep of Rand Fishkin. This then led to a fascinating LinkedIn post which introduced me to dark social and had me thinking:

Why is the 7 day trial for $1 the big red button (I’m so sad it wasn’t green) and not the Free Foundations Course?

René clued me in to the fact that, despite it feeling like the Free Foundations button might be a better way to go- CRO testing meant the 7 day for a $1 has better results. I’ve made an account to find out more about why.



@CLVLady i swear we where discussing this the other day.

Isnt green converting better a myth?


LOL @hesh_fekry@peep_laja said it best:


Aha, thanks Juliana, Thats the one I was scraping through to try and find out where.

@luke.thompson.alex as far as I am aware.

The trial gives you access to the latest and best content which is the primary product. And there for Landing page and primary CTAs should reflect that.

The foundation program is more designed to give you a taste of whats on offer as a way in, some of the content is a little too foundational and most our users are after the more juicy stuff.