Curate sitelinks to increase conversions

Business Benefits

Earn more clicks to high-value pages by encouraging search engines to show the most relevant links in search results.

Add an HTML table of contents to create hash links for each section of a multi-topic page.

Use informative anchor text for the hash links, like, How to edit your email copy, not, Step 3. Search engines sometimes show hash links to take users directly to a specific part of the page.

Add internal links to interior pages and sections within those pages.

Building the authority of your internal pages makes it more likely that search engines will show those pages in results. You can also link to sections of a page via the hash links.

Register and trademark your brand name to avoid direct competition with other sites.

Search engines show sitelinks for brand queries. If a search engine is confused about whether a query refers to your brand, it will be less likely to show sitelinks.

Include a noindex meta tag on unimportant pages to prevent them from showing up as sitelinks.

For example, a Privacy Policy page may show up in sitelinks because it’s linked on every page, in the footer - but that page has almost no marketing value.

Inspect pages in Google Search Console to ensure they are indexable and render properly.

If a page that you expect to show up in sitelinks does not appear, check for technical issues keeping it from showing up.

Include internal links and calls to action on your most common sitelinks.

Think of sitelinks as mini homepages to make a strong first impression and guide users to a relevant next step. For example, About pages often appear in sitelinks, but few sites include internal links or calls to action on their About page.

Create pages for brand queries such as [brand] reviews and [brand] coupons.

Google often treats these queries as navigational; someone wants to go directly to your site. As a result, they often generate sitelinks. These queries often include ready-to-buy traffic, so you should have a page to address them, even if you don’t offer coupons. For example, you could include a page explaining why you don’t offer discounts, or whether you offer a bulk discount or enterprise pricing.

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