Create personalized videos for prospects

Business Benefits

Engage more efficiently with your prospects.

Choose a video creation platform like Vidyard that will allow you to quickly create personalized videos to share with your prospects.

Create a new video specifically for your prospect.

  • If you’re using Vidyard, click on New > Record video.
  • Authorise Vidyard’s use of your webcam and microphone.
  • Choose the Camera option.

Record a brief video message for your prospect, using their given name.

  • For example, greet them and comment on something they recently shared on their LinkedIn profile to establish a connection.
  • Pause the video while recording if required.
  • Click the Stop button when you’ve finished your message.

When it’s finished rendering, choose either a still or animated thumbnail preview image for your video.

Using an animated thumbnail means the receiver sees a GIF preview snippet of your video before they open it.

To share the video with your prospect, click share and then copy link and thumbnail to save the link to your clipboard.

Go to LinkedIn and create a message to your prospect, then right click and select paste to embed the video.

Add a greeting and a brief introduction to the video so that the prospect knows it’s not just spam.

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