Create mockup video in Premiere Pro

Business Benefits

Demonstrate what your software looks like on a device to increase your conversions.

Find an image or video in which you want your software to appear, and upload it to Premiere Pro.

The mood of the media should correspond to your customers. For example, if they’re lawyers, pick a corporate office scene. Choose one where the device screen is clear of obstructions, such as fingers.

You can find images and footage for this on sites such as Freepik, Canva, or Envato.

Record your software in action, using a screen recorder on the device you’ll feature in the video, and upload the footage to Premiere Pro.

Drag the mockup image or video to your timeline.

If you chose a video, track the motion by going to the tracker tab, which can be found in Window.

  1. Click Track motion and select Perspective corner pin as the track type.
  2. Drag each corner of the box that appears to correspond to the screen of the device.
  3. Click Analyze to make sure it’s tracking properly as it moves, then either adjust the pins or click apply.

If you chose an image you don’t have to do anything until the next step.

Drag the video of your software to your timeline in the first track, and make it match the timeline length of the previously uploaded footage or image.

  1. If your device media is an image, go to the Effects tab, look for the corner pin, and drag and drop the effect on your software video. In your effect panel, select a corner pin for them to show up on the screen. Drag them until they match the device’s screen perfectly.
  2. If your device media is a video, then go back to the tracker window, click Edit target and choose the recording of your software.
  3. Click Apply.

Review your work to make adjustments if needed.

Your software footage should now be perfectly matched to your image or video. If it isn’t, you might need to adjust the corner pins to fit the device screen better.

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