Create headlines for Facebook Ads

Business benefits

Improve engagement and conversions for your advertising campaigns.

Identify the angle of your product by talking to customers, using the product, or collecting research.

Think about your customers and how your product creates different benefits for each one.

Consider the AIDA Model to create attention and spark interest from your headlines.

AIDA is the acronym and process for creating Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is useful to consider it as a funnel where you move a customer from attention to interest, to desire, to action, sort of moving them through those stages so that they move from seeing your ad, getting your attention, to taking action at the end which would be buying the product.

For example, take into account two advertisements from Rolls Royce and Volkswagon.

They are both very different but work effectively:

  • The Rolls-Royce ad focuses on the luxury value of the car, talking about how smoothly the car drives 60 miles an hour, how quiet it is, and how it has an electric clock. It converges a lot of useful info in a short headline, giving you get the sense, especially paired with the image, that this is a beautiful high-quality car that performs well and is tricked out with all kinds of luxury.

  • Volkswagen focuses on cleverness, using a one-word headline to grab your attention in a way that is hard to look away from. The headline piques your interest and moves you into wanting to read the rest of the ad. Communicating an angle, but also drives you deeper into your interest in the product.

Get clarity on what you are trying to communicate before writing your headline.

Consider the angle of your product and the benefits, then try and explain the concept yourself, this will allow you to write out headlines that communicate that as clearly and effectively as possible. For example, like Bambu Earth does with their ads that are for two different but very similar products, with different angles of the value that they’re going to provide to the customer. Being able to think through who your customer is, the different kinds of your customers are, and how your products create different benefits for them is crucial.

Promise a benefit that is specific to your customer and why they need that product.

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