Create evergreen virtual summits

Business Benefits

Generate opt-ins and sales on autopilot using content you’ve already created.

Plan how the evergreen summit will integrate into your business strategy.

An evergreen event can drive new opt-ins and sales consistently. It is a funnel that sells a digital product (your summit’s All-Access Pass and/or your backend offers) on autopilot for as long as you drive traffic to it.

For example, you can use an evergreen summit to consistently generate new leads that enter your sales funnel and thus generate revenue.

Turning your virtual summit evergreen is not an easy task and will require a significant amount of effort. Make sure that your business truly benefits from an evergreen event before you convert your summit.

Use a tool like Deadline Funnel to add a countdown timer to each session page that expires 24 hours after an attendee first visits it.

If you’re already using Deadline Funnel, you should already have countdown timers and expiry dates set up for your All-Access Pass and One-Time Offer pages from your summit’s first run - keep those in place.

You need to automatically expire your summit sessions once a new attendee sees them for the first time. This will allow you to guide them through the summit sessions on autopilot using email sequences containing links to the daily sessions connected to your countdown tool.

Rebuild your email sequences to ensure you’re not mentioning specific dates and include only links to the days and sessions that are connected to Deadline Funnel campaigns.

After a new attendee signs up to your evergreen funnel, they will receive the same email automation for the summit delivery as the live attendees did. Just as during the live event, attendees of the evergreen summit only have a limited time viewing the sessions.

Make sure that the links to each summit session get replaced with their respective Deadline Funnel campaign. This is crucial to ensure that the attendee experiences the summit with a time restriction, just as it would be on a live summit.

Without having a tool that automatically expires your sessions, you cannot create the feeling of attending a live event because all sessions will stay available all the time. Then, your attendees would feel like going through a regular course.

Use a tool like Deadline Funnel to integrate a deadline campaign with your shopping cart that expires on the last day of the summit or after the encore.

Do this by integrating the Deadline Funnel code snippet into your shopping cart page. Once your cart expires, you’ll want to redirect visitors to a Waitlist page where they can opt in to get notified once the summit opens again or to sign up for your regular email newsletter.

Alternatively, many other shopping carts like WooCommerce or ThriveCart also offer this feature.

Add new bonuses, upsells, or downsells to your funnel to increase sales.

Remember that the engagement will be lower since the event is not live anymore, so you have to get creative with your offers and overdeliver to make up for that imbalance.

Replace all fixed dates on your website with relative dates like “Day 1” and “Day 2” or have them automatically show a future date based on when the user visits.

Evergreen summits need to be independent of fixed dates. Talk to your web developer to add a custom code snipped on your site that always shows a future date based on whenever a visitor lands on your site.

For example, the code snippet can grab the server time and add 24 hours, always displaying a message like “XYZ Summit starts tomorrow, [specific date]”

Repurpose your existing summit sessions into content like blog posts or podcast episodes to drive organic traffic to your evergreen summit.

Leverage what you already have and combine it with SEO to drive organic traffic. A strong SEO campaign can do wonders for the results of your evergreen summit.

Turn your summit sessions into short video snippets or social media posts to use as ads for your evergreen summit.

Follow best practices like warming up a cold audience, retargeting, and abandoned-cart campaigns to increase your ROI.

Use tools like ThriveCart, Affiliate for WooCommerce, or Clickfunnels to create an affiliate program for your evergreen summit.

Create and give your affiliates materials like promotional schedules, images, and ad copy to make it easier and encourage your affiliates to promote your summit.

Be sure to properly incentivize your affiliates. Affiliates are more likely to promote summits that offer commissions of at least 50%.

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