Create effective CTAs



Business Benefits

Create effective CTAs to generate more conversions on your website.

Determine the goal of your page and what action you need the call to action to inspire, based on your persona’s position in the buying journey.

  • For example, if Buyer Bob is in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, the content should speak to awareness stage pain points. The CTA should direct them towards the next step, such as “register for the webinar”.

Identify all instances in which you’ll use this CTA across other content types for consistency.

  • For example, if you offer a free trial, use the same messaging throughout: “Start your 14-day free trial.”

Determine if a text-based link, a button, pop-up, a graphic is most appropriate for each CTA location, based on the type of content and channel.

  • Blog posts, for example, can have popups configured to appear when a user scrolls part way down the page.
  • On commercial pages, like landing pages or product pages, CTAs should be more prominent (using a button.)

Decide on possible colors, shape, size, and locations of the CTA.

Test and monitor two versions of your CTA with a small test audience.

  • Only make one tweak at a time to be confident that the result was a direct impact of the change.
  • Analyze the results to see which has a better conversion rate.

Use the most effective CTA according to the A/B test on your chosen page.

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