Create auto-responder for Facebook Leadgen Ads

Business Benefits

Nurture leads with an automated email workflow.

In your CRM, create or assign a dedicated audience, list, or segment for your new Facebook leads.

This will help the CRM differentiate between Facebook leads from other leads (website leads), so that the auto-email responder will only send to Facebook leads later. This process will vary depending on your CRM. In Campaign Monitor, for example, you can simply add a new list in your account.

From your Facebook Page, go to Publishing Tools > Leads Setup and connect your CRM system.

In some cases you’ll be redirected to the CRM to verify your account. If Facebook does not have a native integration with your CRM, it will automatically suggest a Zapier integration and guide you through the setup.

Go to Leads Library and check if your form has the correct fields/parameters for your CRM.

Some CRM systems may require additional fields/parameters to be attached to your lead. If so, duplicate your existing form (or create a new form), add Tracking Parameters under the Settings tab, and click Publish.

Test the Facebook-CRM integration with the Lead Ads Testing Tool: go to Facebook’s Lead Ads Testing Tool, select your Facebook page and your lead gen form, and click Create Lead.

If you are using Zapier, check there or go directly to your CRM to verify that the test lead has successfully delivered.

In your CRM, create a new email template with the lead form’s purpose and context in mind.

For example, if the lead form is to download a whitepaper, make sure the email template includes a button or link to the whitepaper.

Personalize the email template using merge tags connected to the form fields.

For example, include the person’s first name in the email body.

Write a short and snappy subject line that addresses the purpose of the lead gen form.

For example, if the lead form is to sign up for a webinar, the subject line could be “Webinar Confirmation: [Name of Event]”

Set up an email workflow with the new email template to send when a new user is added to the dedicated audience/list/segment.

Again, this will vary depending on your CRM. In Campaign Monitor, for example, this is done by creating an Automation, selecting Subscriber joins the list as the trigger and choosing your dedicated Facebook lead list.

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