Create an Instagram paid ad

Business Benefits

Reach your target audience.

Log into Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram’s built-in ad platform is run through Facebook Ads Manager. You can also manage your Instagram Ads or ads budget with a third-party tool like, AdRoll, and Adspresso.

Create a new campaign and select an objective.

Objectives are bucketed under awareness, consideration, and conversion. It can also be helpful to select objectives that are aligned with Instagram usage and available ad types. Traffic, app installs, and video views are common objectives, given Instagram’s mobile video oriented platform.

Decide whether you would like Facebook to manage your ad budget using its optimization algorithm.

Using Facebook Ad Manager’s built-in Campaign Budget Optimization results in less control over your daily spend, but can address opportunities more rapidly due to its machine learning bid and delivery settings. If you have extensive marketing and advertising experience, you may prefer to manually manage your ad spend.

Select an existing audience or create a new one.

If an audience is unavailable, you may select from interests and demographic criteria that best represent your target population. You can also create an audience using lookalike specifications from a CSV file or by using data captured through the Facebook Pixel.

Choose either Manual or Allow Automatic Ad Placement within the Instagram Ad creation flow.

By default, the automated option targets users on all the Facebook Ad platforms. If you only want your ads to appear on Instagram:

  1. Select Manual Placement.
  2. Deselect Facebook, Audience Network, and Messenger.

Select from the available ad formats.

These formats include:

  • Single images: Large images that feature information about your products.
  • Video ads: Short-form video clips.
  • Carousel: Multi-image ads with horizontal selection.
  • Collection ads: Product images that appear in a grid.

Review the Instagram ad design specifications.

Examples include recommended image and video resolutions, minimum width, file size restrictions, caption guidelines, maximum video duration, and text limitations.

Follow the prompts to add media, video or images, primary text, a headline, and a website URL.

Before moving onto the next task, use the preview function to confirm that your uploaded creative looks the way you want it to. Pay close attention to:

  • Resolution.
  • Ad width.
  • Text readability.
  • Caption spelling and grammatical accuracy.

Launch your Instagram paid ads and constantly monitor budget and campaign engagement.

If your Instagram ads have failed to impact your primary objective after three or four days, download a performance report through Facebook Ads Manager and look for optimization opportunities.

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