Create an influencer marketing campaign brief

Business benefits

Plan your influencer marketing campaign to align your team’s strategy, decision-making, and messaging.

Create or download a campaign brief template to plan your influencer campaign. Include at least your campaign objectives, influencer type, and budget in your campaign brief.

Write down the human insight that will drive your campaign. Make the human insight a relatable, unique statement that will drive your campaign messaging,

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their body is a an example of a human insight that would help shape campaign messaging.

Choose a specific marketing objective you will use to gauge campaign success, and state how it you will measure it, such as 100K app downloads measured via Google Play console.

Include what type of goal it is, like ​​awareness, advocacy, sales, or conversions.

Define your target audience or audiences for the campaign, including market, age, gender, and interests.

For example, Canadian 18-35 year old woman who likes fitness, food, and cares about the environment helps clarify who you are trying to reach and thus who the influencers with whom you work must be able to reach and engage.

Determine the estimated campaign timeline, including the overall campaign schedule, social schedule, and influencer checkpoints.

Look back at past campaigns to see what deadline durations worked for your team and for influencers, if applicable. Consider running your campaign for at least a month to see results.

Summarize what makes your product special and beneficial to help you write a one-sentence campaign message.

Answer why do people care about your product and what would happen if they did not have your product. Use these answers and your human insight to craft a short campaign message, such as Every body is beautiful. Your campaign may have more than one message for different channels or audiences.

Describe what types of influencers you are seeking, and state your budget for this influencer marketing campaign.

Choose an ideal influencer type that fits your budget and needs from BrandHero’s influencer type breakdown:

  • Type A: 1.5m – 6m followers
  • Type B: 201k – 1.5m followers
  • Type C: 101k – 200k followers
  • Type D: 61k – 100k followers
  • Type E: 30k – 60k followers

As part of an influencer marketing campaign budget, consider fees from these categories: agency fees, perks/gifts for influencers, travel expenses, accommodation, payment per post, amplification ad budget, and legal fees.

Detail what you expect the influencers to do and how you will measure their success.

For example:

  • Post an original Instagram feed post and story, with their own creative and copy that fits our campaign message
  • Feature the product in the Instagram photo
  • Include a Swipe Up link in the Instagram story
  • Success will be measured by number of likes and positive comment sentiment on the feed post and page traffic from the Swipe Up story

Communicate your campaign’s main terms and conditions, including the compensation structure, main influencer requirements, and preferred or required platforms.

For example:

  • All influencers must tag their posts with the hashtag #BrandMakesMeSmile.
  • Influencers will be paid per post.
  • Influencers must use Instagram and use the Sponsored Content feature.

Share this campaign brief internally to ask for feedback and align teams, efforts, and messaging.

With minor changes, this brief can also be shown to the influencers. Turn the brief into a slide deck to show external stakeholders. You may make changes to this campaign brief throughout the course of your influencer marketing.

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