Create an email series to promote webinars

Business Benefits

Drive webinar signups.

Create an announcement email with an eye-catching header image or title that makes the recipients want to know more and includes the time and date of the webinar.

Write an opening paragraph that outlines the subject and what benefit the user will get from attending the webinar.

Also include:

  • Who will be hosting the webinar.
  • The format.
  • A link that automatically adds the webinar to the user’s calendar.
  • A time or number of spaces pressure like Only 20 places available or Sign-up closes in 2 days.

Send it a minimum of 2 weeks before the scheduled date.

Once the announcement email has been sent, download all non-openers of the email and duplicate the announcement email with a different subject line.

  • Change the subject line to something like “Did you miss this?”
  • Send this email 2 days after the first announcement email.
  • It’s likely this email will get poor open rates, however changing the subject line of an email will often help you get a few extra opens and attendees.

Create a reminder or webinar update email to be sent one week out from the event.

  • Include any new information like new speakers or hosts.
  • Make sure you include all the relevant information from the announcement email but with more urgent CTAs and scarcity-focused copy. For example: We are running out of places - reserve yours now.
  • Remove from this campaign anyone who has already signed up to the webinar.

Create a last chance email to be sent the day before the webinar.

  • Your subject line should reflect the urgency of the email. It should push the fact that today is the last chance to sign-up or that there are very limited places left. For example: WEBINAR REGISTRATION ENDING OR LAST TWO SPOTS AT ABC WEBINAR.
  • Include a countdown timer.
  • Reiterate all the benefits of attending and the logistical details.
  • Once again, remove all those who have already signed up to the webinar from your send list.

Create a webinar kick-off email 2 hours before the webinar is due to start.

  • This is the final reminder for those who have not signed up yet.
  • Again you are aiming to push urgency, by reminding them the event starts in two hours. Reinforce the benefits of attending.

Send a 30-minute countdown email to all registered attendees.

  • This email should be short and only act as a reminder that the webinar is due to start and reiterate how they can join the webinar.
  • It’s worth providing a succinct outline of the benefits of attending to ensure they join the webinar.