Create an ebook



Business Benefits

Boost brand credibility, build brand loyalty and generate sales.

Use tools like Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator and brainstorm with your sales team for topics that match your audience’s needs.

Focus on topics that solve your audience’s problems or help them achieve their goals.

Outline your ebook structure with an introduction, chapters, and a conclusion.

Use a template as a guide.

Answer the questions, What will you cover in your ebook? and How will the reader benefit from reading it? in your introduction.

Brainstorm key point ideas and write down subtopics for each key point until you have enough subtopics to form chapters.

Focus on:

  • Techniques that can help with the pain points or goals you are addressing.
  • Objections that people will have about implementing your techniques.
  • Case studies that support your proposed techniques.
  • Topics that provide context to the user’s pain points and goals.

Identify what each chapter will contain.

  • Take the techniques and topics you have identified and group them based on subject. These will form the basis of your chapters.
  • For each chapter, create an outline of headings and sub headings.
  • For each section, make a few bullet points on what you wish to cover.

Use an online app like Crello or Adobe InDesign to design your ebook.

  • Check similar ebooks for design ideas.
  • Alternatively, use premade ebook templates like those offered by Hubspot or Crello.
  • Use your brand’s color scheme in your design.

Place calls to action within your ebook.

Your CTA placement and content must match the context of your ebook. For example, in their ebook, How to Create a Content Machine, Hubspot added this CTA:

Export your ebook and publish it as a PDF.