Create a sales page messaging flow

Business benefits

Increase conversions using storytelling, your unique value proposition, and survey response data.

Collect the messages your audience is sharing about you. Add them to a spreadsheet and classify each as a motivation, value, or anxiety message.

Mine your surveys, transcripts, polls, and user tests for user messages and add them to your spreadsheet.

Classify the general level of your visitors’ product awareness level. Use the information from website surveys, polls, and user tests.

Identify the setting, rising tension, and climax stages of the storytelling on your sales page.

  • Setting: The why, or your unique value proposition.
  • Rising action: Your product features, benefits, tutorials and proof points.
  • Climax: The buy; your call to action or payoff and incentives. * Falling action: Includes the transactional components of completing the sale or conversion.
  • Resolution: Your post-conversion user experience.

Falling action and resolution stages are typically not found on a sales page, but later in the sales funnel.

Slot messaging data from your spreadsheet into your sales page, with motivation messages in the setting stage, value messages in the first half of the rising tension stage, and anxiety messages in the second half of the rising tension stage.

Layer the messaging data collected in your message mining into the basic storytelling framework:

  • Motivation messaging in the Setting stage includes your desired outcomes, pain points, and purchase prompt.
  • Value messaging in the Rising Tension stage includes unique benefits and advantages, delightful product features, and deal breaker needs or requirements.
  • Anxiety messaging in the second half of the Rising Tension stage, close to the climax, includes uncertainties, objections, and perceived risks.

Adjust your storytelling arc based on your audience’s product awareness level.

For audiences with low product awareness, use longer-form copy that builds a longer, steeper arc towards the buy climax. For audiences with high product awareness, use shorter copy that builds a smaller, shallower arc towards the climax.

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