Create a product launch plan

Based on New Product Launch Marketing Plan With Examples - CXL by Tom Whatley.

You don’t have to create Apple-level hype to see a successful new product launch. Trading app Robinhood launched with almost one million users thanks to a pinpointed market need and waitlist pre-launch campaign.

Many product launches take a build it and they will come approach, failing to gain traction and eventually fizzling out. These launches lack the key component of promotion and acquisition.

Learn how to design an effective new product launch plan to avoid this pitfall and generate demand.


Craft a product launch strategy to inform your overall marketing plan.

Conduct market research, standardize your product positioning and messaging, set goals, inform stakeholders, price your product, and track your marketing progress.

Plan out your pre-launch period to build brand awareness and anticipation.

Develop product messaging, identify key marketing channels, and drive demand.

Plan the marketing around the launch of your product.

Develop a coordinated plan of attack, share content across your marketing channels, get advocates sharing your content, and start a referral program.

Plan out your post-launch phase to build on your launch successes.

Retain the customers you attracted at launch and convert trial users into paid ones, track your marketing performance, and learn lessons from your experience to apply to future product launches.