Create a mid-market GTM strategy



Business Benefits

Secure successful business outcomes when launching your product in a new market.

Identify and research the various audiences that your services directly influence

Seek to understand their:

  • Roles.
  • Goals.
  • Pain points.
  • Objections and questions.
  • Influencers.

Refine your existing buyer personas or build new ones using your research.

Identify the best marketing messages by crafting a value matrix.

  1. Create two columns in a spreadsheet.
  2. In the first column, list your audiences’ pain points or goals.
  3. In the second column, match which products, services, or features address each pain point or goal.

Map the buyer’s journey by deciding which content you share with your audience in each stage.

  1. Identify approximately 4 or 5 stages a buyer passes through like discovering a need, researching options, narrowing the options, and making a purchase.
  2. For each stage, list any questions, objections, tasks, or emotions that the buyer is experiencing during that stage.
  3. Associate relevant touchpoints such as email, social channel, and phone, a buyer is likely to use at each stage.
  4. Map relevant content against each stage that helps address the buyers’ questions and objections.

Outline a marketing strategy that combines both inbound and outbound techniques, to build brand awareness and generate leads.

That involves taking the content relevant to each stage and delivering it through a channel that is relevant to that point in the buyers journey.

Plan A/B tests across mediums like newsletters, social media, blogs, and emails, and fine-tune based on what gets higher conversion rates.

Keep track of what you’re testing for and the predicted outcome for each test, for a clear understanding of the results of each iteration of messaging. Change one element in each testing scenario.

Implement the results of the tests on a wide scale.

Evaluate your pipeline and strategic processes periodically by tracking KPIs. Make changes or updates, as needed.