Create a marketing TikTok video

Business Benefits

Increase brand awareness, promotion, and audience engagement.

Familiarize your team with best marketing practices, trends, and competitors’ performances on the TikTok app.

Research trending challenges, sounds, or hashtags on the platform to find a creative way to connect with your audience.

Use the TikTok app to record your video, or upload pre-recorded footage.

Add filters, effects, or on-screen text to your video in the TikTok editor to enhance the overall tone and aesthetic of your content.

Incorporate trending audio clips or songs into your video.

Splice, trim, remove, or adjust the speed of segments within your video.

Add a video caption and hashtags to your post.

Adjust the sharing and privacy settings on your video to determine what actions viewers can take in response to your content.

Review your edited video before publishing your content to the platform.

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Should you also reference your own strategic goals and use them to drive your trend research and concepts?

Let’s be honest, finding resources on best practice is only a Google away. I think the bigger issue is giving staff the time to learn this stuff. Everybody is so busy with business as usual, that they don’t have time to stay up-to-date.

Absolutely! There is no point of jumping on the latest trend if it is not aligned with your brand and strategic aims.