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In chapter 2 of the technical content marketing course Derek Gleason’s part, the lesson 3 is Audits and Research. He recommends exporting data that contains (organic traffic, referring domains, and shares) the same data contains publish date, URL, and page title. I’ve been able to find referring domains, organic traffic, I’m yet to get 'shares, publish date, URL, and page title). I need all of these to be able to study the data. How do I find them on Ahrefs?


Thanks @kobiruootebele for the question.

I see he doesn’t cover this in the course. But to help me can you please give me a little more information.

I had a look at our playbooks and there is a whole bunch that use Ahrefs

You can use the search function and dig through our library.

In this playbook about competitor link analysis, i see step 7 shows ahrefs and it provides a publish date, url and title. So perhaps your answer is in one of the playbooks.

Also here step 1 covers the Top content page and i see an export function

Have a quick look and let me know

Some questions to help get you a better answer?

  • Are you a free user of ahrefs?
  • Are you scraping a site or are you using your own data? You mention Ahrefs so I assume scraping, but want to be sure. If its your own data and are using a site like Wordpress, their admin section and would be fairly easy to get

Let me know and if you cant find what your after i can see if I can chase down an answer from Derek.

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Paid user of Ahrefs, I’m scraping content from my site (the brand I work with), the top content page has content title, URL, shares, but not organic traffic, domain traffic, and URL rating. I’ll love to know how Derek got all those metrics, if it’s from Ahrefs or he used another tool.

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Hey @kobiruootebele,

You can expect a more detailed answer after the weekend. We are currently chasing down Derek for your answer. :slight_smile:


Hey tania im sure we have something in the library to answer this or in the course itself. If you could have a look. I willl chase down derek next week.


@hesh_fekry and @tania thanks for the help! I look forward to your responses.


Hi again @kobiruootebele,

Reviewing the course you are on, I noticed that he does not share where he specifically got the organic traffic metric, domain traffic and URL rating from.

Going back to Ahref, I found an article on how Organic Traffic in Ahrefs is calculated, and what data Organic Traffic is pulling. I found the same for Domain traffic along with what the URL rating distribution graph is.

While only Derek will be able to confirm where he specifically pulled those metrics for the example in the course, the articles I linked above guide you where to look on Ahrefs. Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hello @tania, I’m going to check it out and provide feedback. Thank you so much :pray:.


Asked derek, waiting for a response on it. @kobiruootebele Any luck with the articles?

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Derek’s response

organic traffic via google analytics sheets add-on

RDs and shares (twitter only) via ahrefs

the rest via a screaming frog crawl

Derek wrote this playbook for last point.

Is this helpful?

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This is very helpful. Thank you so much.


Happy to help. Let us know if you need more help with anything and we got you.

@tania This looks like a nice playbook to write and attach to that lesson.

Shall we convert this discussion into a step-by-step?

Thanks @kobiruootebele for starting this thready <3

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Will do. With tagged contributors. :slight_smile:

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