Connect opt-in with messaging system

Business Benefits

Funnel leads to your SMS messaging platform to add a conversation channel for SMS messages.

Navigate to the Integrations section of your popup tool, select your messaging service, and authorize your messaging service to connect to your popup tool.

For example, if you use an email system like Klaviyo to send marketing text messages, then your on-site popups will automatically be connected directly to Klaviyo.

However, if you use a 3rd party platform like Privy to collect data on your website, you’ll need to log into the platform’s integration settings, connect to your email and select the list where SMS users will be stored.

Check your product documentation for detailed instructions on connecting your popup tool to your messaging service.

Select the popup campaign in your popup tool, navigate to the Follow Up (or After) section, and select the specific list you want to synchronize with your popup campaign.

Every popup service has its own naming conventions, but the process is generally similar when it comes to integrating data collection with data storage.

For example, in ClickFunnels, you would navigate to Edit Button Action > Submit Form, whereas you would access the Follow Up section in Privy.

Set your popup campaign to Live, perform the trigger action on your site to load the pop-up, fill out the pop-up form, and check the linked list in your messaging service provider for the recorded information.

Load your popup form a few more times, entering dummy test data each time.

Check your messaging service list once more to confirm that all test data is being recorded in the list, that the integration is set up correctly, and all settings are properly configured.

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