Conduct primary audience research

Business Benefits

Improve the profile of your target customer base.

Figure out a baseline for your target customer by listing the assumed demographics of your target customer like age, gender, location, and earnings.

Consider who you make your products for and create an assumed personality for your demographic, including their interests and hobbies.

Take an in depth look at your Google Analytics data, and track the progress of your audience over time and create audience trend reports.

For example, if your product does better during different seasons or quarters, you can plan accordingly to run specials and promotions during the slower months.

Cross-reference your social media analytics against your Google Analytics data, focusing on location, demographics, and which content seems to resonate best with your audience.

For example, how do your customers get to your website? Do you garner more traffic from Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads? This should give you an idea of where to expand your advertising dollars.

Audit your competitor’s audience analytics and marketing strategy to identify where their strengths and weaknesses are.

When auditing your competitors, look at things like social media posts, website navigation, and email marketing. Where does your competitors’ traffic come from? How do they promote their products and special offers?

Analyze existing customer data and sales feedback.

Your existing customer data may be the most accurate data and feedback you can receive. For example, utilize your email lists to send out surveys to get existing customer feedback and determine trends.

Put all of your research together for a comprehensive audience analysis report.

You can use a template when creating your own audience analysis report or your own method. For example, in your audience analysis, you should answer the questions: who is your target audience? What are their interests and likes? How do I connect my product to their interests and needs?

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