Collect demographic information using third party customer data platforms

Business Benefits

Improve customer experience through relevant and personalized messages based on demographic segments.

Choose a Customer Data Platform like CleverTap, Bloomreach, or Segment based on your business requirements, budget, and the scope of data you want to collect.

Choose a CDP that provides you with the most amount of data at an affordable price for your business.

Determine whether you will connect your CRM to your CDP via native integration, API integration, or independent integration.

  • Native Integration: Some CDP platforms offer native integration with CRM Tools. For example, Bloomreach offers native integration with Salesforce.
  • API Integration: Some CDP tools will provide you with API level access, in which case, you will need your developers to create the data transport integration.
  • Independent Integration: Using tools like Zapier.

Make a list of all the data points on your prospects you want to collect from your CDP based on your specific business requirements.

Most CDPs will provide hundreds of data points that may not all be relevant to your business. For example, if you sell clothing, then information about whether the prospect is a smoker may not be as relevant to you.

Add custom data fields in your CRM to save the data from all data points on your prospects and customer collected by your CDP.

Check your CRM product documentation for more on how to add custom data fields.

Create a spreadsheet with two columns named CRM Field Name and CDP Field Name, enter all the fields you created in your CRM in the first column, and enter the corresponding CDP field name in the second column.

Create the data exchange system based on your chosen CRM to CDP connection method.

If you chose to connect your CRM to your CDP via native integration, follow your product documentation to set up the data exchange system.

If you chose to connect your CRM to your CDP via API integration, ask your web developer to create the data exchange system for you.

If you chose to connect your CRM to your CDP via Zapier, then:

  • Click Create Zap and choose your CRM as the App to initiate the Trigger.
  • Select New Lead as the Zap Trigger event and your CDP as the App in the Action.
  • Select the Action that corresponds to Appending data and match the fields between your CRM and the CDP.
  • Test your Zap to verify that the data being displayed is correct.
  • Create an additional step to Update the record in your CRM and select Update Lead as the Action.
  • Click Save and enable your Zap.

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