Choose attributes for your Google Shopping feed

Business benefits

Maximize your visibility in Google Shopping and improve your product feed

Identify attributes you already have and ones that are missing from your feed.

If you have previously uploaded a feed to Google Shopping, some attributes will already be there. To avoid duplicates, note the ones you have and that are missing on a spreadsheet.

You can create your own spreadsheet or use this Feed Analysis Spreadsheet to track the attributes in your feed.

Add all of the required attributes to any of your Google Shopping feeds, at all times.

These attributes are essential for the success of your Google Shopping campaign. There is only one option to add for each attribute:

  • ID: This should be the permanent SKU you use internally.
  • Title: The product name.
  • Description: Often the short description used on product pages.
  • Link: The link to your product page.
  • Image link: The primary image used on the product page.
  • Price: The price of the product.
  • Availability: In stock, out of stock, preorder, or backorder.
  • Brand: The product brand.
  • GTIN: Also known as the EAN or MPN: Only if you don’t have a GTIN.
  • Condition: New or used.

Consider adding recommended attributes to your feed, like sale price, custom labels, and shipping.

These attributes are not required, but are highly recommended to improve the success of your feed:

  • Sale price: Instead of just updating the price attribute when you run a sale, you should send the before price in the price attribute and the new price in the sale price attribute.
  • Product type: This is equal to the categories on your site.
  • Item group ID: For products with variants like sizes and colors, you can have a joint ID for the core products and individual IDs for each variant.
  • Custom label: This can be anything, but it is often used for custom data needed to analyze performance or structure campaigns.
  • Google product category: This tells Google what category your product belongs to in the Google taxonomy.
  • Shipping (all): For major countries, shipping is a requirement, but it can be added at the Merchant Center level.
  • Additional image link: If you have several product images, you can add these.

Add additional recommended attributes, if they are relevant to your product, like color, size, and gender.

These attributes are only necessary if relevant to your products:

Identifier exists: Set to false if your product does not have a GTIN or MPN.
Age group: If your product is focused on a specific age group.
Gender: Self-explanatory.
Size: A requirement for apparel and select other industries.
Size type: If it’s, for example, a US or EU size type.
Color: Self-explanatory.
Material: Self-explanatory.
Adult: If it’s an adult-only product, should not be used for younger age groups.

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