Can multiple Google Optimize containers installed on the same website lead to errors in experiments?

I have a client with 2 Google Optimize containers installed on the same website. Can it lead to errors in Sample Ration Mismatch or other tracking issues with experiments?

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Hey @ux.simply welcome, great question.

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I am refering to this post on the google community where one of the users states"

It is possible to load two different Optimize containers, connected either to the same or separate properties.
The order of execution for your experiments can be random. If the experiments are in totally independent areas (as they should) this is not a problem either.

To have a better understanding of the question are you loading these on the same page?

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@whoiseddie Any thoughts here?

You typically don’t want two - however, as Hesh linked, you can have two, but by having two, you can cause some attribution errors or have two tests run at the same time causing more variables in your experiments.

What was the decision behind adding two?


Thank you for your comments!
The reason is that the limit is reached for the first Google optimize container. The company deploys winners using Google Optimize. This issue I am going to fix in the future.
Experiments are launched on different pages, so I think this shouldn’t be any issues in attribution.
However, the question might not be relevant now in light of recent news about shutting down of Google Optimize. Unfortunately :frowning:

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