Building Email Funnels for ecommerce

Hey! I got a question about email funnels. I’ve got a client in ecommerce who wants me to build a complete email funnel for their customers. So, here’s the deal: I need to create a welcome section, an upsell section, and an abandoned cart funnel. It’s gonna be a lot of work.

Do you happen to have any guides with the best practices? I’m also interested in behavioral triggers and segmenting users based on their behavior. If you’ve got well-structured playbooks for email marketing in ecommerce, that would be absolutely amazing. :100:

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Hello Hello Rostyslav,

We do have a lot of content around funnel creation, it is one of our favorite topics :slight_smile: Here are some Community playbook links for you:

Measuring Marketing Funnel Success
Analyse Marketing Funnels
Optimize your funnel with sales enablement

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How to Create a Marketing Funnel by Responding to Customer Behavior
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I hope these resources help! Let me know if you have a subscription to CXL as well, I’d be happy to dig up some courses which would be relevant to your needs.

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It’s helpful, thanks a lot, I will research your links! And I have a subscription, but with an access to ecom marketing degree only and all of the included cources, I’ve just started it and maybe there are a lot of useful information too, just need some time to reach them. Thanks you for your time, I really appriciate it!

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