Build links for SEO

Business Benefits

Increase brand awareness and in-market web traffic.

Input your website in an SEO analysis tool like Ahrefs and look at your DR/DA and UR/PA, referring domains and keywords charts, and your current backlinks.

Create a spreadsheet with the following columns: Domain, DR/DA, UR/PA, Organic estimated keywords, and Referring domains. Repeat the domain search for all of your top competitors and populate the sheet.

This should provide you with a competitive analysis starting point.

With the same tool, run an intersecting links report. This will generate a list of websites that link to your competitors, but not to you. Export that list for later use.

Use Google to find influencers and experts in your niche and compile a list with their names and contact information.

In your SEO analysis tool, find pages on your website that have attracted the most backlinks over time. Create a new Assets tab on your spreadsheet and list these pages for later use.

In Ahrefs, plug in your website and go to Pages > Best by links.

Add a new sheet with columns for URL, topic, main keyword, UR/PA, DR/DA, and Our similar page. In your SEO analysis tool, find the most linked-to pages on your competitors’ websites and fill in the sheet.

To find a competitor’s most-linked pages on Ahrefs, plug in your competitors’ website and go to Pages > Best by links.

Look over the sheet and draw a plan to cover the content gaps you’re finding. Always seek to improve upon the assets of your competitors by making them more interactive or more informed.

Look for opportunities in the spreadsheet to create an asset or offer.

To persuade other websites to link to you, you must have a reason for them to do so. This reason is often referred to as an asset or an offer.

For example, a page on your competitors’ website that seems to attract many links on a topic you don’t cover on your own. If you then proceeded to create a similar, yet better asset, you could use this to persuade people who have linked to your competitors’ page to change their link to your page instead.

Contact your prospects with a personalized, sincere message that summarizes your value proposition to the prospect.

A/B test your messaging, testing different tones and value propositions. Website owners get thousands of requests every week. To be considered, you need to stand out.

Look at how many links you were able to secure, how your website measures up after implementing the campaign, and what increases you’re noticing.

After running your link-building strategy for a few months, measure your campaign’s success and optimize your performance moving forward.