Build audience trust within your sales funnel

Business benefits

Establish credibility and limit uncertainty in your sales funnel.

Add trust bling where customers are making decisions to provide a quick visual cue showing your competency and honesty.

Trust bling is usually associated with safety and security, like security badges that ensure your audience that any of their personal information will be protected. The formation of audience trust happens quickly and is based on visual cues, increasing the success of these badges as motivating factors.

Tell a story that provides some background on the company or the product where customers might be uncertain or having second thoughts about their decision.

For example, cloud storage services like Dropbox typically use a few short, engaging paragraphs explaining their commitment to cloud data protection.

Offer money-back guarantees or easy product returns if you haven’t established credibility with your audience. Consider other ways to lower the perceived level of risk for the customer.

Customers are more likely to purchase when the risk seems low and the reward seems high. If you decrease the level of risk around the transaction, you increase the chances that they’ll act.

For example, simply providing PayPal as a payment option can lower risk for a customer, because it offers Buyer Protection. This allows them to file a claim to get their money back for a purchase if they don’t receive the product or the product isn’t as advertised.

Offer free shipping or express delivery to increase the perceived value of your product. Consider other ways to add value to your product to make it more enticing.

Some companies run frequent giveaways – Every tenth subscription box gets an extra treat! – or add a small gift to every order from VIP customers. Even something as simple as a handwritten Hey, we noticed this is your third order – thanks so much for being a loyal customer! You mean the world to us! can boost someone’s mood and make them more likely to purchase again.

Let users know what’s coming next at each stage in the buying process to ease anxiety caused by uncertainty.

For example, show all stages of your checkout on a single page, with each stage expanding or condensing as the customer moves through the checkout process. The customer has clear visual cues for how many stages they’ll be going through, and what they’ll be.