Blocked from courses

I’ve been blocked from CXL due to some Cloudflare issue. What do I need to do to access theCXL courses again?

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Hi @wlaschmidt – Argh how frustrating for you!

Cloudflare tends to do that when it detects odd traffic on your computer. Often this is due to a trojan using the computer for malicious activity without the owner’s knowledge. Cloudflare blocks the IP address to stop DDoS attacks from slowing down content delivery servers.

Things you can try to resolve this:

  • Run a full malware scan – TrendMicro’s Housecall is pretty decent and if I remember correctly, you don’t need to install anything.
  • Refresh your IP address.
  • Disable your VPN, if you’re using one. Alternatively, try using a VPN if you weren’t when you were blocked.

@hesh_fekry – Can someone on the tech team look at the Ray ID to see if it sheds any more light on the issue for Wayne?

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@wlaschmidt did you have some issues logging into the platform prior to this block?

No, I haven’t experienced any login issues up until now.

Hmmm and its still a persistent issue after some hours?

Normally this type of block comes from repeated login or checkout attempts. Anything with recaptcha. But then after a small period of time its lifted.

Perhaps DM me a screen recording of you attempting with your dev tools console open?

@wlaschmidt Just managed to talk to a dev. They suggest to try clearing your browser cache. Similar issues where solved by that. Otherwise please send me your IP in a DM

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Thanks, Hesh. I was able to login.

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