Bar Chart Help Needed. Tried a few different tools and steps

I’ve tried Google Sheets, Qlik Cloud and Datawrapper all per CXL recommendations. I’ve followed various steps but no luck in generating some basic bar charts for this data. The closest I can get is what looks like a range.

Here’s my data. Average Sized Schools Fee Structure for K1-3 & ES - Google Sheets

Any help is a BIG win with my boss.

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Anything in this playbook helpful?

I use airtable often for more complicated datasets but normally involves some resturcturing filtering. Their stacking options and etc are helpful.

What are you trying to demonstrate or show?

@hesh_fekry Thanks Hesh!
I started with Tableau and found it to be beyond a wizard with too many bells and whistles and not very intuitive. Can AirTable generate bar graphs?

@hesh_fekry I’m looking for a drag and drop tool that can create some simple bar charts.

Specifically, the Y axis should be number of schools or percentage of schools x axis should be predetermined fee ranges.

Airtable can, ghe chart tool is easy enough but perhaps the data manipulation part is too complex for your needs.

Perhaps if you could provide me a quick sketch of what you want i can quickly be able to assess if its suitable based on your dataset inside airtable. Then i can help you out and take most of the pain out of it :slight_smile:

You can do this even with pen/paper and upload here

:open_mouth: Wow! That would be a HUGE win for us Hesh! I’ve asked to owner to sketch it up and I’ll be back in touch.

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My boss said to save the CXL superpowers until we get in a bigger jam:)

He’s gonna take a shot at it. Thanks so much for your help here. I’ve made a new dm tool in airtable thanks to you Hesh.

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