B2B marketing is not the same anymore! Companies are led by personal brands

Let me ask you a question: Am I the only one who sees a significant difference in brands when their leaders actively post content from their personal profiles?

In today’s landscape, brands need to incorporate more robust value creation into their overall strategy to distinguish themselves due to the fleeting nature of interest. We are bombarded with an abundance of information every day, and if you fail to lead by example, you may get lost in the market.

Let me know what are your opinions about this topic below or via Linkedin.


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@georgidfurnadzhiev I’ve definitely noticed as well over the last few years. A thought leader can move audiences through a funnel faster than a company can. :rocket:

Lots to consider here:

  • Endorsement Impact
  • Perception of Authenticity
  • Content Algorithms prefer personal over business accounts
  • Audience Trust & Engagement

It’s a necessary shift, and I completely agree with your thoughts on maximizing value. As a side thought, it seems like the only way to keep up with the demand for valuable content as a business or a personal brand is to utilize AI. :robot:

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