Automate ads in Google Ads

Business Benefits

Increase ad performance and decrease the time you spend doing the work.

Use Campaign Experiments to A/B test automated bidding strategies without affecting your manual campaigns.

Navigate to Drafts & experiments, click +New Draft, choose the campaign to duplicate for your experiment, name your draft experiment, and click Save.

Navigate back to Drafts & experiments, select the start and end date for your experiment, choose the amount of traffic split your experiment will take from the original campaign, and click Save to finish creating the experiment.

Use Google Ads Editor, a spreadsheet, and labels to speed up A/B testing any element across an entire manual campaign.

  1. Open a campaign within the Ads editor, navigate to the Ads tag, scroll to the Accounts bar, and select Export > Export current view.
  2. Open up the exported spreadsheet, sort by the element you want to test, change your test cells, label them accordingly, and copy them.
  3. Click Make multiple changes in Ads Editor, check the My data includes columns for campaigns and/or ad groups, paste the copied cells accordingly, and review them to make sure they copied over correctly.

Track Cost per Acquisition (CPA) instead of click-through-rate to find ads that lead to quality clicks.

Use KlientBoost’s automated SKAG creation tool to group high-converting keywords into their own single-keyword ad groups.

  1. Navigate to the Master Exact tab and enter your new SKAG search terms into the keyword column.
  2. Navigate to the FOR IMPORT tab, and copy and paste all columns into Google Ads Editor under the Keyword section.
  3. Review and fix H1s in both the Ads 1 and Ads 2 tabs. The cells will highlight red if they’re over the character count limit.
  4. Add your H2, H3, Description, Path 1, Path 2, and Final URL in both Ads tabs.
  5. Navigate to the ADS IMPORT tab, and copy and paste all columns into Google Ads Editor under the Ads section.

Use the N-Gram script to automate identifying negative keywords that drive up unnecessary costs.

Add the script to your account and configure the:

  • startDate and endDate. Set the time frame for which you want to pull search-term data.
  • currencySymbol. Make sure the correct currency is set.
  • spreadsheetURL. Add new Google Sheets spreadsheets for the script to dump its data on each account into.