August 2022 New Minidegree Track: Retention

The new Retention track for our upcoming Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree is live. Track available immediately to all-access members.

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This track provides 4 courses to nail your retention program, A-Z:

  • Customer Journey - Naheed Adil (new)
  • Customer Segmentation - George Kapernaros (new)
  • Customer Experience - Adrian Piegsa
  • Retention and Customer Lifetime Value - David Green

Your product, fulfillment, and customer support are table stakes. It’s the minimum your customer expects, not a way to build a competitive moat.

The biggest ecommerce brands are growing not just because they ship on time but because they understand the strategy it takes to win in such a saturated market.

The winners understand they need to invest in their brand, position to serve the underserved market segments, acquire customers for a lower cost than competitors and retain them longer. This training teaches you all that and more.

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