August 2022 New Course: Customer Experience

The new Customer Experience course is live. Use best-in-class techniques top-performing and leading brands in eCommerce use today.

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In this 2 hour course, you will:

  • Know the dos & don’ts in fulfillment, shipping and how to apply them to your online store to win your customers’ hearts, positive feedback, and return customers.
  • Be able to apply personalized communication at scale with the right techniques and tools that build the relationship and wow moments that make customers remember you.
  • Use best-in-class examples to learn why custom packaging matters and how it helps create an excellent unboxing experience and strong word of mouth while decreasing costs of damaged goods.
  • Learn easy techniques and processes to help you run excellent customer support.

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Hi Tania,

Is there a playbook on what you should do on your first 30 days of becoming a CMO or even a senior growth position?

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Hi @satiesh,

Welcome to the CXL community. Thank you for your comment, that’s a great question.

We do not have one specifically for the first 30 days of adopting a senior growth or CMO position, but we have many playbooks that cover important areas in CRO and growth you’ll want to check out. CRO as a whole, growth strategy, even operations to name a few.

And with your suggestion, we can add more playbooks that help someone in a new position check off key objectives to tackle. After looking through the playbooks I linked for you, let me know what is missing that would help you in your first 30 days. I’ll let our product team know and we will see how we can provide it best.

Thank you so much,

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Awesome thanks Tania

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