Apply the Go Beyond approach to create a community of loyal customers

Business benefits

Improve brand value, transform customers into loyal brand advocates, and maximize LTV.

Conduct a brand positioning audit to define your core offerings, customer benefits, and how you satisfy the customer journey in a way that your competitors do not.

Analyze why your customers ultimately buy from you instead of your competition, focusing on common pain points and issues that your brand solves for them.

Define the ultimate goals your audience has when buying your product, which are the reasons behind why they do what they do.

After defining your customers’ pain points, continue to ask “so what” to reach deeper levels of their expectations and desires. When you can no longer answer the question, you’ve reached their ultimate goal.

Look at the benefits of your core product to decide what you can do to help your audience fulfill their ultimate goals.

These benefits can be both tangible or intangible, such as a feeling of luxury because of the VIP experience you provide.

Build your product delivery around exceeding expectations and helping your customers meet their goals, and focus your messaging around that experience.

Refine your marketing strategy to convey how your brand delivers an experience that goes beyond the expected product and asserts how this experience helps them reach their ultimate goals.

Convey clearly how your brand consistently goes beyond satisfying expectations to deliver value far greater than those expectations.

Align your messaging with the current lifecycle stage of your business and customer.

When building your brand and creating brand awareness, your audience needs straightforward education and facts to learn what your brand offers and for whom. In the care stage as you scale your brand, deliver beyond expectations to generate loyalty and added value.

As you reach the advocacy stage, focus on forming a close bond with your audience through loyalty programs and one-to-one conversations that turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

Schedule quarterly reviews of your messaging to assess it against changes in the market, changing and evolving customer expectations, and new opportunities to add value.

Because your audience is always changing, your brand needs to evolve, as well. Over time, delivering beyond expectations becomes the new expectation. Make continuing to innovate and go beyond your competition an ongoing focus.

Continually innovate your product to keep your customers surprised and loyal to your brand.

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