Anyone used SalesForce for their A/B testing / Experimentation tech?

Hi, anyone here ever used Salesforce to run their A/B testing program? I’ve never heard of Salesforce being used in this context, and from what I can see it’s not really fit for purpose. However it is being touted as being on par with some leading tech/tools. Interested to know if anyone has ever used, looked into and what your thoughts are? Thanks

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Hey @greg.storey thanks for your question! Trying to get the ball rolling here.
Check out this page on how to use Salesforce for marketing; although it’s specific for attribution.

There are a few links to help with A/B testing in Salesforce specifically:

Hopefully another community member can chime in as well!


Thanks Carl. Yea, they talk about A/B testing, but from view it’s testing with limitations, mainly ‘message’ testing. SF looks good for Marketing automation, attribution etc, but have my doubts on it being able to cater to wider experimentation re UX/layout, navigation, design, usability etc. Anyway, be good to hear from others in the community if they have a view. Thanks for the resources.

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I do agree that it looks like it will capabilities on those fronts. Its the first time i heard of it being used like this to be honest.

Perhaps @whoiseddie has some experience here?

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They have a tool called “personalization”, it used to be called Salesforce Interaction Studio, which previously was Evergage. All in all, yes, they do have the capability to A/B test more than just “message” testing. Would I say a/b testing is the main focus? Not really. They’re more into as the name suggest “personalization” aspect.

It does require a frontend developer with some kind of experience in Salesforce environment to honestly get it working.

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We use both SF Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Both can run A/B. I try to avoid SFCC A/B tests because I find it complex but we sometimes use it because our current developers don’t really know anything else. As for SFMC (Interaction Studio), I don’t know if it’s an implementation issue but we only use it for A/B testing predefined content slots. I’m not crazy about them so far. Equally annoying is that we like to measure everything in Google Analytics so running tests in SF just adds more uncertainty and complexity in reporting. I’ll be looking for a new A/B tool to replace Google Optimize and will be reviewing the short list provided by CXL’s blog post on the subject.