Analytics dashboard and reporting

What is your process for creating dashboards and reports for business stakeholders. Here is the process I follow (would love to get feedback and suggestions for improvement)

  1. Get a data request from business stakeholder (this usually happens over MS teams or email)
  2. Set up meeting to ask questions related to the projects
  3. Identify and define the metrics, dimensions and segments that will be required for data analysis
  4. Create the report (in MS excel, or AA)
  5. Share with stakeholders
  6. Get feedback and fix

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Hey @kalasuchindra Welcome to the community. Great question.

We have an absolute ton of playbooks from different people on these topics as well as some great courses on this especially this one from Tim Wilson

here are some playbook examples, feel free to use the search to explore some more. And if you have any questions please leave a comment and we can get you the answers you need.

Regarding your process

What we have found the most challenging aspect at times is to make 100% clear how the metrics and dimensions, segments etc are defined to everybody. Especially when you start mixing tools and platforms and the same metric can be defined in X number of ways. For example

I believe getting some specificity in the data request upfront helps, but also making sure that these definitions are communicated effectively and that there is alignment on them is key.

@leandro_griboff @victoria I know Dynamic data wrote a bunch of playbooks on these topics any thoughts?


@whoiseddie Any thoughts here?

Hey @hesh_fekry this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing